Photo Credit: D. Robert (Left), Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development (Center, Right)

PrimeFish Canada Project

The Primefish Canada project was a 5-year initiative (April 2015-March 2020) undertaken by Memorial University’s Fisheries and Marine Institute through its Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development. Primefish Canada was conducted in collaboration with the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Primefish project. The combined efforts of Primefish (EU) and Primefish Canada involved a 16-member consortium of European, Asian and North American partners with the intention of leveraging a deep pool of resources to address challenges related to global seafood markets. The main outcome of the PrimeFish project is the Decision Support Systems software tool, PrimeDSS.

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The Decision Support Systems Tool, PrimeDSS

PrimeDSS is a software tool to be used by seafood industry stakeholders to understand and predict seafood market behaviour. It is a web-based interactive prototype that will be further developed by one of the project partners, Kontali.

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